1. Operation: DreamChaser

When it comes to networking and business relationships, etc… traditionally, women have been pushed to the back burner or left completely out of the mix.  Well... that's about to change!

Consistent with the NABFEME slogan “Connecting Women… Creating Possibilities,” we’re excited to introduce Operation: DreamChaser … a series of online networking and mentoring sessions set up exclusively for NABFEME Members! The sessions are private, online, presented in themed rooms. The Coaches are experienced professionals from a variety of fields who will be available to answer questions and discuss your career goals while offering expert tips and/or career advice. To help minimize roadblocks and help you enhance your professional journey

If you don't chase your dreams, you'll never catch them... and Operation: DreamChaser is a virtual opportunity to connect aspiring NABFEME members with supportive peers, executives and business leaders.  Refer to this site and at www.NABFEME.org for further details.

2. The Member Spotlight

The NABFEME member is the most important, significant and influential person in the organization. Every member is unique in their own way and so is their career journey. Each week the NABFEME Member Spotlight will take a behind-the-scenes look at one of our members and showcase the story of who they are and what they do! The feature will be posted prominently on social media, on our websites and in the Facebook "Friends & Supporters of NABFEME" group.

3. Members' Empowerment Circle

The most important person at NABFEME is the NABFEME Member! While one woman can make a difference, it’s a lot easier when we work together as a group. The Members’ Empowerment Circle is a concept that gives members the opportunity to be a blessing to someone else. Members who renew, join or return to the organization at the Executive Level, get to “pay it forward” by receiving a FREE Executive Membership to share with another sister or colleague! We encourage support and synergy through the organization’s membership structure, and we believe this feature will increase opportunities and the pool of successful women in our group.


The NABFEME Foundation ( a 501 (C) (3) charitible foundation) needs your support! The work we do at NABFEME is both rewarding and challenging at the same time! To magnify our slogan “Connecting Women… Creating Possibilities, we need your help!  No donation is "too big" or "too small." Every effort benefits the mission and we appreciate your consideration.  Donate here using the "Donate" button below... or via Cash App ($NABFEME).  You can also visit The NABFEME  Foundation's FACEBOOK page to donate. Facebook does not take any fees and 100% of your donation will go directly to the NABFEME Foundation. Many Thanks for your support!

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