The City of Detroit is known the world over for its legacy in R&B music.  Through Motown Records, Detroit introduced a classy R&B culture to the entire world!  Motown was literally its own factory... manufacturing artists, songwriters, executives, choreographers, musicians, actors and more.  With an unmatched musical legacy, Detroit has produced some of the biggest stars in entertainment history.

While determining the perfect location for potential market growth for NABFEME, we felt Detroit was the perfect spot!  Our research revealed the talent and music in Detroit remains supreme, alive and visibly present!  The artistic expression in “The Rock City” is as strong as ever! We bring our vision of empowerment to Detroit to ignite a spark of solidarity; to support collective efforts we believe will excite Detroit’s music and entertainment community. 

Leading the NABFEME charge in Detroit is Singer/Songwriter and Motor City native, JOYA!



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