NABFEME Sisterhood Prayer

Written By Pam Wells

Most Gracious and Loving Father; Creator of the universe and everything therein, Molder of our minds, bodies and spirits.

LEADER: We come before you grateful for another opportunity to be blessed by the moving of your spirit in our hearts and in the heart of each sister’s hand that we now hold. As we pray we invoke the spiritual principle of the power of agreement, united in spirit, force, voice and strength across this nation.

TEAM MEMBER: To you Lord we owe our very being. You called us your daughters and Queens before the universe was birthed. You foreknew our destiny and foretold our purposes. You have called us to be one with you and with each other. We, your daughters, are the carriers of life, not the channels of death, designed to build and encourage. Today we have come to express our need to walk in your purpose as carriers of life by sharing our experience, strength and hope through Sisterhood. By sharing our truths we connect with other sisters in a way that only your daughters can.

TEAM MEMBER: We humbly surrender before you with hands lifted in praise and agreement, as sisters, comrades in a universal quest to uplift, encourage and affirm the power of womanhood. For you have purposed us to shine brightly and carry your spirit of peace, love, harmony, prosperity and hope to all who cross our paths. We give you thanks and praise for every sister present here today and the mighty works that you have done and are doing in our lives, individually and collectively.

GROUP: Lord we seek wisdom, revelation, healing and hope – for all our sisters and ourselves. Father, we desire a fresh anointing of creativity and vision, yielding countless blessings, both spiritual and material. Above all we pray for a deeper relationship and a closer walk with you. We desire ears that are tuned to hear your still small voice, hearts that are moved by your gentle spirit and a spirit of obedience that responds to your convictions. 

LEADER: Father we ask that you make us sensitive to the common thread that runs between us – joining us sister to sister. Still our judgment and temper our hearts towards one another. Tear down the walls of envy and jealousy that cause us to gossip and slander sisters that we do not know. And when we behave in a manner that is unacceptable in your sight, we ask that you would heal us. Heal the shame, fear and low self-esteem that reside deep within us. Help us to know that unless we have walked in her shoes then we cannot truly know why she is who she is. Master, teach us the meaning of grace – unmerited favor – that you so freely give – Teach us to give the same portion of grace to our sisters that we desire you give to us.

TEAM MEMBER: Almighty God, all-knowing and all-seeing – we have come today to praise YOU! We praise you for every challenge – for every lost job we say thank you, because you never close one door without opening another. For every broken heart we say thank you – for you are always preparing us for your best. For every unanswered prayer we say thank you – because your delay is always working for our good. As we go through the storm Father, we ask for an overflow of the faith that surpasses all understanding, a flood of the kind of faith that let’s us always see the best even when things appear at their worst.

LEADER & GROUP: Finally Lord, we thank you for NABFEME and we pray for this organization borne of your vision. We pray for its faithful leadership. May they continue to be guided by you, may they always be willing to yield to your direction and finally Lord may they blessed by you for the very blessings that they have given to us-the sisters of NABFEME – through their obedience and faithfulness to your vision. We speak life and supernatural success beyond the leadership’s imagination, plans and finances, for you Lord are source of supply for ALL our needs.

LEADER & GROUP: As we prepare to leave this place, may we remain ever mindful and respectful of the trust and bonds that were created here today – thankful for a safe place to share our most intimate thoughts and feelings. Ever aware that nothing and no one compares to You – for you are Lord of all. May the fragrance of this prayer and our praise be pleasing in your sight most loving and wonderful Father.


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