NABFEME Membership

Is your career expansion worth 27-cents a day?  That is the approximate cost of an annual NABFEME membership. You'll become part of the team that is working diligently to build effective and lasting solutions to the issues faced by women in today's entertainment industry and other professional fields.  

We know the decision to join an organization is serious.  And, your consideration to become a member of NABFEME is a process that we do not take lightly!   

As a NABFEME Member You Will Be Able To:

  • Expand your knowledge base (via seminars, webinars and meetings) 
  • Increase your contacts   (meet new people; it's not who you know, its who knows you!)
  • Increase your potential to be  recognized as a leader and expert (lead a project, be a speaker)
  • Increase your marketability (be recognized as the person people want to do business with)

NABFEME represents a core group of female professionals who share a common desire to learn, educate and collaborate on ideas that deliver meaningful and positive results! And, while we do everything possible to make sure your NABFEME membership and experience is worthwhile — NABFEME does not make guarantees regarding professional development, industry access or career success.





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