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We know you're busy, however, you still want to know what's going on... right?  Here you can find "quick bites" of information and current happenings around and within the organization.  Stop by this page often for bulletins and a constant flow of what's going on in the NABFEME membership community. 

As a member, you can add a post or tell us and we'll add it for you! Let us know what's happening in your world!  New promotion? An event, book release, new job... maybe you're planning something fabulous, or you have an opinion about some of today's currents events and topics ... share it! Post your thoughts, comments, experiences... tell us what's going on.   Respond to another member's comments!  This section is private... it's just us, be respectful and feel free speak out!  Some commentary may reveal shared opinions regarding success and equality for women in the workplace, while others may reflect just being a woman ... balancing lifestyles both personal and professional.  

Tell us about you, your business and what we can look forward to.  Got a question??? Ask it!   Someone is sure to have an answer!  This is your community and your NABFEME speak space... Use it!!  

  • August 15, 2022 1:41 PM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

    Our Mailing Address Has Changed!

    We know most of you don't use "snail mail" ... however, for those of you that wish to send us something in the mail... our mailing address has changed.  Our new address is:

    P. O. Box 3461
    Memphis, TN 38173

    For Packages/UPS or FedEx Shipments: 

    100 Peabody Place, Ste 150
    Box 3461
    Memphis, TN 38103

    Please adjust your records.

  • April 26, 2022 3:14 PM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

    Jessica Macks!

    A Queen who lives in the “Queen City” of Charlotte, NC… Jessica Macks is a powerhouse entertainment consultant, and is the CEO of her company, J Macks Entertainment. Her firm brings your visions to life and creates everlasting experiences. Jessica has performed as an indie label's  A&R Director, she has sang background vocals for gospel artists like Patrick Love, Jason Nelson and countless others. In addition to her musical pursuits, Jessica brings an extensive background in planning and executing large scale events to the table. Whether it is a major concert, grand opening, fashion show, or even a festival… Jessica never disappoints and always delivers.

  • April 25, 2022 1:23 PM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

    NABFEME DC Metro

    BREAKING NEWS: A change in leadership has also brought a change in focus and a change in our Network's name! NABFEME DMV is now known as NABFEME DC Metro. With growth potential and development in mind, our focus shifted to our strongest area... Washington, DC. As we move forward, development attention will be placed on the Maryland/Virginia scope of the DMV.  The new branding moniker will support our operations in the DC area.

    More details to follow... in the meantime, please join us in welcoming our NABFEME DC Metro Director, Thomasina Perkins-Washington. Thomasina is CEO/Principal Publicist of Capitol Public Relations where she handles the publicity of many well-known athletes, artists, and entertainers, etc.  She is Majority Team Owner at Women's Football League Association (WFLA) and Chief Communications Officer (COO) at WinknDrink which recently partnered with Snoop Dogg. 

  • April 25, 2022 1:08 PM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

    Welcome!! Brand Elevation Marketing

    Deneen Womack and Gwendolyn Kingsberry are two long time members of NABFEME.  Both have entrenched their marketing fingerprints on WBLS in New York, and recently they created their own marketing/branding firm called Brand Elevation Marketing. With a desire to further develop NABFEME in the "Big Apple" while increasing our activities and brand presence ... a meeting in the ladies room became necessary and the partnership ensued! Our first joint venture with Brand Elevation Marketing was the very successful New York Women in Radio virtual session that was presented during Women’s History Month. 

    As the partnership develops, Deneen & Gwen will keep us abreast of New York opportunities and also bring development potential to the table. Look forward to membership drives, seminars, events and more as we develop. 

  • April 25, 2022 11:45 AM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

    Corporate Development Director

    NABFEME is excited to announce and welcome Cheryl Foster to our management team in the role of Corporate Development Director!  In this capacity, Cheryl will oversee, develop and implement business strategies and partnerships with a focus on the organization's growth, sustainability and financial health.  In her new role, Cheryl will explore business opportunities, keep us abreast of any "irons in the fire" that might create stronger growth and awareness potential for the NABFEME brand. She will continue to serve in her role as Co-Director of NABFEME LA.  Congratulations Cheryl!

  • April 25, 2022 11:17 AM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

    Membership Director Named

    Addressing a long time need, Shayla Faustin has accepted the role of National Membership Director for NABFEME. Joining us from our Houston network, Shayla will focus on growing and maintaining the membership. Some of her duties will include marketing our programs, converting friends and associates to paying members, collecting feedback from the membership body and developing the role as we grow.

    Brief Bio

    Shayla Faustin is the CEO of Shayla Faustin Services LLC, a self- Published author, freelancer and life coach... Shayla manages a small business network on Facebook called The CRU. Focused and dedicated in all she does, Shayla has helped hundreds of small businesses, authors and families to achieve their goals via her solution-oriented services.  Her love for Health & Wellness was the stimulant that drove her to create Earth Scents, a startup that focuses on spiritual health and wellness. In the Heart of Deception, her first novel, is a touching romance that was published in May of 2021. 

    We look forward to our membership growth and development under Shayla's tutelage...  stop by the Member Directory and say hi!

  • March 26, 2022 12:44 AM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

    Making more progress... we have changed the name of the NABFEME Job Bank to "The Career Center."  We also added a new partner for job notices, Univision. Our most recent posting includes some of their current job availabilities. If you are looking for your next opportunity, click over to the MEMBERS ONLY section and select "Career Center" and see what's new! 

    if you are hiring and/or have available positions... please let us know via email (nabfeme@gmail.com), or DM us here on FB.

  • January 21, 2022 6:34 PM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

    WELCOME TO 2022!

    From Covid to a myriad of lifestyle challenges, we had to put some activities on hold.  We're back up and running... Here are some of the programs/activities that you can expect in the New Year:

    • Ask The Coach... set to launch mid-January 2022 this was to be our Mentor/Mentee online coaching series.  We feel having a coach while traveling on your career journey is not only important... it is necessary! Stay tuned... more to come; if you're interested in participating as a coach, or you need a coach, just let us know!
    • Members' Empowerment Circle... Sisterhood is no fun without sisters, that's why we created a program to enlarge our circle! When you join, renew or return... this program allows you to bring a sister-friend along with you! You'll receive a FREE membership for your friend or colleague that may benefit from the work that we do! It's like buy one and get one free!
    • Member Spotlight... Each week we will spotlight a NABFEME member on our website and various social media accounts.  The purpose of the spotlight is to share the career and business achievements of our members. This also enables you to view, share and support others. Feel free to make spotlight suggestions at any time.   

    Join our Facebook Group: Friends & Supporters of NABFEME
    and encourage your friends and colleagues to join the page/group... hopefully our mission will incentivize them to become active members of the organization! 

  • December 05, 2021 1:18 AM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

    Time for a Chat

    Just like the rest of the world… COVID-19 has changed the way NABFEME does business and basically, how the organization operates. Regardless, we must maintain connectivity and engagement with you… our members, associates and business clientele. To assist us, we have added the Calendly meeting scheduler that you can use to set up a conversation, short chat or online meeting… at your convenience.

    Member Meeting Scheduler

    We realize time is money and your time is precious… therefore for your convenience and our efficiency, the Calendly scheduler is set up for one-on-one inquiries, meetings or chats in 30-minute increments, phone or video; if you need more time, just let us know. If you prefer a video chat, or a group chat… again, just let us know.

    If there is something on your mind, something you need to share, talk about, ask a question or voice a concern… use the link below to schedule a meeting/chat on any open date at any available time.  We will promptly reply and should a conflict arise, we will immediately reschedule or connect you with another leadership team member.

    CALENDLY LINK: https://calendly.com/mzwalker/30min

  • December 04, 2021 8:40 PM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

    Members' Empowerment Circle

    The most important person in the NABFEME organization is the NABFEME Member. While one woman can make a difference, it’s a lot easier when we work together as a group. The Member's Empowerment Circle is a concept that gives members the opportunity to be a blessing to someone else. Members who renew, join or return to the organization at the Executive Level, get to "pay it forward" by receiving a FREE Executive Level Membership to share with another sister or colleague! We encourage support and synergy through the organization’s membership structure, and we believe this feature will increase opportunities and the pool of successful women in our group.

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